I'm Eric Stener Carlson, a writer from the U.S., although I've spent half of my life abroad, mostly in Latin America.

You may know me from my non-fiction books or articles on Human Rights, such as "I Remember Julia", an investigation into the kidnapping and murder of a young doctor in Argentina during the Dirty War.

Or you may know me from my novels or short stories, most of which take place in Buenos Aires.

The most exciting news recently is that my new novel, "Muladona", has just been released by Tartarus Press. (It's available either in deluxe hard-cover or e-book.)

Also, thanks to interest from my fans, my first novel, "The Saint Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires" has just been re-released on e-book. (It's available by amazon.com)

Feel free to contact me via this website. I'm always pleased to hear from Readers.



*Note: The opinions appearing on this site, as well as those in my publications, are my personal opinions, and they do not necessarily represent the positions of any organization for which I work.