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Hi There,


I'm Eric Stener Carlson, a writer from the U.S., although I've spent most of my life in Latin America, Asia and Europe.


I write novels and short stories - mostly ghost stories or "strange tales".  I also write non-fiction books and articles on Human Rights. 


The silver thread running through all my works is a concern for justice, the struggle between good and evil, and the consequences of violence.


Happy reading,







What readers are saying about my books:


Muladona:  "Eric Stener Carlson delivers gripping, intelligent horror" (Lovecraft e-zine)



The Saint Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires:  "Absolutely magnificient urban 'horror' novel." (Goodreads review)



"City of God" appearing in "GAS":  ". . .a genuinely and startingly literary classic."  (Des Lewis Gestalt Real-time reviews) 



Anxiety of Ghosts:  ". . . an unusual tale that, like the title says, is supernatural but pulls in so many bits of human existence. I devoured it in one day." (Goodreads review)



Muladona:  ". . . suspenseful very unsettling strange tale." (Amazon review)





*Note: The opinions on this site and in my works are my own, and they do not necessarily represent the positions of any organization for which I work.